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Earrings That Will Flatter Your Face Shape

Thu, 2020-05-21


Being the closest accessory to your face, earrings can frame your face and bring out your features when you wear ones that flatters your face shape! From pieces that add a subtle detail to loud statement pairs, find out which type of earrings will complement your face best.

Oval Face Shape

If your forehead and cheekbones are of similar width and narrows down to your chin, you have a oval face shape.

Oval face shapes are able to pull off many different types of earrings! Triangular shaped and stud earrings will best accentuate your cheekbones while teardrop and oval shaped earrings subtly complements the natural contour of your face.


Round Face Shape

Round faces are as wide as they are long. Your round cheeks are the widest point of your face and does not taper to your chin. 

Avoid circular and round shaped earrings, as well as hoop earrings and round shaped ear studs as these will highlight the roundness. Instead, long or drop dangle earrings will help to elongate your features, giving the illusion of a slimmer face. Geometric shapes are a great option as well as they add more dimension.


Round face shape beauties - Nayeon of Twice, Miranda Kerr
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Heart Face Shape

A forehead wider than your cheeks, with the lower half of your face narrowing down towards your chin are characteristics of a heart shaped face.

To balance your face, "fill" the lower half of your face with earrings. You should pick earrings that are slim on the top, wide on the bottom and has soft curves such as chandelier, teardrop and drop dangle earrings to create an illusion of a well-proportioned face.



Square Face Shape

If your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are of similar width, you have a square face shape.

Pick pieces that will draw attention and soften the natural angles of your face such as oval, round, angular edged, hoop and long earrings. Do avoid square pieces as it will highlight the squareness.


Diamond Face Shape

Diamond face shapes have a narrower forehead and chin as compared to your cheekbones, typically with high cheekbones and a longer face.

Complement your face shape by opting for earrings that are long. Earrings with delicate drops, curves or has no sharp angles will best balance your features. 


With a better understanding of your face shape, pick out earrings that will best complements your features. Hope this little guide was helpful for you!