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10 Of Our All Time Favourite Earrings

Thu, 2020-05-28


Sharing some of our favourite Modelle designs so far. Read on to see if you have any of these pieces in your collection as well!

#1 3D Hexagon Hooks

Super simple and classy pair that elevates our outfits! Love how the 3D hexagon looks different at every angle.

#2 Sweet Floral Hoops

This was the first hoop design we made and we're still loving this till now!

#3 Rainbow Club Earstuds

One of the first few pieces made for our Rainbow Club Earstuds series, so this holds a special place in our hearts!

#4 Mismatched Earrings

Super unique pair that we still think of occasionally. Sad that we weren't able to keep a pair but at least we still have a picture of it to adore!

#5 Daisy Earstuds
We still vividly remember this being wiped out really quickly and can totally understand why! Love this pair so much we wish we could bring it back.

#6 Gold Dust Shell Earstuds

A little sparkle won't hurt, right? We love earrings with gold flakes details because it somehow just looks a little more expensive? :P

#7 Hexa Whale Earstuds

This pair was one of the first few resin pieces we had. Still not over how cute the whale is and we love hexagon designs!

#8 Gold Flakes Hoops

This design was actually made without much thought and before launching, we were still doubting if this design would be loved by others even though we liked it. Fortunately it was a hit!

#9 Florence Shell Earstuds

Shell pieces are super versatile and this statement piece would definitely be part of our capsule jewellery collection if we ever had one (and that will never happen :P)

#10 Vintage Poster Girl Earstuds

Loud and attention seeking, not an everyday piece but surely a pair we want to be part of our collection! 

Did you spot anything familiar? Share with us your favourites as well.

Also, thank you for loving our designs so far! We love making them as much as you love them. Thanks to your love we can make more earrings that you will love :P